Water Heater Specialist

Out of Hot Water? Let us Help You Keep Hot Water Flowing 24/7

The Happy Plunger offers same-day Water Heater installation and repair services in most areas of your city. If you are noticing a sudden hike in your energy bills or running out of hot water in the middle of the day, it is time to replace your water heating system. We offer different types of water heaters for homes, offices, corporates, and industries. We have licensed technicians who deal with the industry’s best manufacturers for prompt services.

The water heater is one of the most important home appliances. Extend its life with The Happy Plunger.

A failed water heater can be an exasperating situation. Call us to get it repaired or reinstalled on the same day. With our cost-effective and energy-efficient professional plumbing services, you can reduce your electricity bill despite using hot water to wash clothes, take a shower, clean floors, and do dishes.

Our comprehensive water heater specialties:

  • Gas heaters
  • Water heater installation
  • Instant boilers
  • Energy-efficient water heaters
  • Complete home water heater system
  • Commercial water heater tanks
  • Tankless water heaters

Water Heater Repair or Replacement?

Although most water heater problems can be restored with professional solutions, you may need a replacement if the heater is more than ten years old, if the tank is leaking, if you notice water droplets underneath the machine, and if you are spending more on repairing it. With Happy Plunger solutions, you can get more hot water in less time, save water and money, and improve heater life and efficiency.

Common water heater repair services we provide:

  • Residential water heater installation and maintenance
  • Gas pilot water heater repair
  • Electric connection repair
  • Hot and cold flex lines replacement
  • Pilot assembly repair
  • Pressure and temperature relief valves
  • Thermos couple testing
  • Gas control valve maintenance
  • Comprehensive package

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