Trenchless Sewer Repair Restoration

Replace your Underground Plumbing without Destruction with Advanced Trenchless Repair Services

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair technology is an advanced sewer plumbing solution that repairs underground sewer pipes and water lines without digging up the yard, basement floor, landscape, driveway, or garage. The  Happy Plunger tries to reduce your work of restoration with cost-effective, less invasive sewer trenchless repair techniques.

Good News, Homeowners: No More Muddy Mess or Pricey Restoration

Waterlines and sewer lines are subject to blocks, leaks, and other plumbing issues due to wear and tear. At times, the current plumbing system may not support the demands of a larger household. Replacement is the only option in such situations.

Traditionally, the yards and landscapes are destroyed to dig up the trenches for replacement. Happy Plunger’s modern trenchless system is a time-saving and cost-efficient alternative that can be accomplished in a single day.


Why The Happy Plunger’s Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair Services?

The Happy Plunger is licensed to provide non-invasive plumbing solutions in Los Angeles. Our experts perform a thorough analysis of your sewer pipes, laterals, and lines through modern methods like video camera inspection or hydrostatic pressure test. Once we isolate the exact location of the problem without digging, our technicians customize a plan that fits your budget and needs the best.

If the inspection shows that most sewer lines are in good condition, then a spot repair will be sufficient to extend its life efficacy.

Conversely, in the case of complete trenchless sewer replacement, the process entails drilling strategic access points and holes, where we use the existing sewer pipeline underground as a guide for replacing new pipes.

Save More, Worry Less with Trenchless Technology

The less you dig, the more you save, and you would get back to your normal activities by the day’s end, unlike traditional replacement, which takes at least three days.

Happy Plunger Offers 3 Trenchless Sewer Methods:


Cured-in-Place Piping (CIPP): 

Epoxy soaked liner is slipped into the pipe and is inflated with a special tool to seal broken pipelines internally.


Pipe Bursting:

 Old pipelines are replaced using a bursting head that runs through the sewer line and bursts and pushes them away while placing new pipes along the way.


Slip Lining:

 A traditional trenchless repair process, where a liner is slipped into the sewer line to fix the problem.

Based on your preferences, budget, and location of the problem, we would suggest the method that works best for you.

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