Sewer Camera Inspection and Location

Find What is Damaging Your Sewer Lines with Fiber Optic Camera

If something is blocking your underground sewer drain, identifying and pinpointing the location could be difficult. Digging up the pipe is the typical way to trace the problem. With our highly resistant fiber-optic camera, our sewer inspectors can discover hiding clogs in your sewer drains and provide the right solution within few minutes.

Rest your worries upon The Happy Plunger, for we have the latest technology to inspect sewer lines and locate problems without having to dig up pipes. We deliver full sewer line inspection and cleaning services for industrial and residential properties of all sizes. Our services have produced exceptional results in helping our customers determine whether the pipe needs to be repaired or replaced.

You can also avail same-day service if you call us before noon.

Our Camera can Inspect Hard-to-Reach Places, Smaller Pipes, and Old-Hidden Sewer Lines

Sewer camera inspection identifies all kinds of plumbing obstructions that conventional EM locators cannot trace – grease and oil, build-up, roots and weeds, damaged wires, leaks, and broken parts, installation errors, broken or detached connection, and other things flushed out accidentally, such as clothes.

The fiber-optic camera, attached to a digital monitor, passes through the lines to allow us to see everything inside the pipes. We can also record the findings for future reference. Once we identify the root problem, we provide an appropriate course of action to rectify it.

Advantages of The Happy Plunger of Sewer Camera Video Inspection

Our sewer drains specialist will help you find the location, nature, depth, and severity of the problem – the fiber cables can go very deep and enter even the smallest pipe diameters. Digitally monitored inspection is the safest and efficient way to discover and pinpoint sewer line problems in emergencies.

Traditionally, the only option after digging up a pipe is replacing it with a new one. But with this technology, you can determine whether a repair, such as hydro-jetting, will be more than enough to fix the issue.

We are recognized for 99% surface damage prevention.

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