Relining Sewer Repair (CIPP)

There is No Sewer Line which We Cannot Repair or Replace

We use less-invasive, modern technology to get to the root cause of the problem as fast as possible so that you get back to your normal routine in less than a day. Pipe-relining extends life by at least 25 years, is stronger 4X than the traditional process,

and can be completed within 24 hours, no matter the location of the damage.

Take Advantage of No-Dig CIPP Technology to Restore Your Sewer Lines

The sturdy and long-lasting sewer lines are generally buried deep underground. However, with time, it could start to rust, crack, leak, and ultimately deteriorate. If professional plumbers do not address the issue, it can cause severe problems, such as water damage, flooding, overflow, and basement collapse.

Most homeowners dread having to repair or replace the underground sewer lines. It is a messy and time consuming affair, let alone incurring a huge restoration cost. The cost of restoration often consumes 60% of the total sewer line repair cost.


Introducing CIPP Technology

Cured-in-Place Pipelining, also known as sewer pipe relining, is a process of repairing and replacing underground sewer pipelines with cost-effective measures. Even substantial internal damages can be fixed with CIPP relining process effectively.

What Does the Process Entail?

  • CIPP is a Trenchless Sewer Re-lining Process
  • The Happy Plunger locates and isolates the area of damage with CCTV connected waterproof fiber optic camera
  • We insert a liner, soaked with a special resin adhesive, into the sewer pipeline
  • Once the liner reaches the actual point, it is turned upside down with water pressure and inflated with a tool to seal the interiors of the pipe
  • Once the resin is hardened and the curing is complete, we remove the liner, thereby restoring the functioning of the sewer drain without digging up the pipeline
  • The CIPP process can be performed in all residential, commercial, and industrial parks’ pipelines with size 50 mm to 1800 mm
  • For branching connections, if it is only localized dents or minor cracks, we rectify them with CIPP inflatable patches

CIPP Re-lining is permanent repair, lasting at least for 4 to 5 decades. Once the curing is completed, our engineers will test the plumbing before handing it over to you.


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