Leak Detection

90% Of Your Plumbing Problems Will Go if You Detect the Exact Location

Detecting a leak can be tough, especially if it is internal. But if you could at the right time, 90% of your plumbing problems will be solved. But, in reality, leaks go unnoticed most often, resulting in more leaks, corrosion, and water damage. Get in touch with a professional if you suspect a water leak. The Happy Plunger use modern and safe leak detection services to identify and repair waterline leaks, pinhole leaks, and slab leaks.

We use different technologies to find leaks in soil, underneath concrete slabs, and inside walls.

Not all leaks are straightforward – while a leaky tap or toilet faucet is easy to notice and treat, leaks coming from pipes buried deep in your garden or behind the bathroom walls could be challenging to detect. Slab leaks and pinhole leaks are the hardest to find.

Water seeping through the pinholes and slabs can enter your wall, insulation, furniture and cause severe water damage, including wood warping, mold growth, and rotten insulation, and carpet bedding.

When to Call us for Leak Detection??

You may notice that there is some kind of plumbing issue but are not able to pinpoint it. Be mindful of these telltale signs and contact us in due time:

  • Rising electricity bill
  • Rising water bill
  • Watermarks on walls
  • Wet and damp floor
  • Musty smell
  • Mold growth in drywalls
  • Water running out soon from the overhead tank
  • Wet carpet
  • Furniture wood starting to warp
  • Flaking wall paints
  • Reduced water pressure

It’s Vital to Conduct a Professional Leak Detection

Being a certified plumbing company, The Happy Plunger is equipped with modern leak detection techniques, such as video inspection, soil probes, and acoustic listening to solve leaky faucets, waterlines, and slab problems.

Soil Probes:

The device helps us determine the water pressure across the soil. It prevents us from digging up an entire garden and identify the exact leak location.

Acoustic Listening Device:

It magnifies the sound of water in areas of leaks, allowing us to mark the territory for digging.

Contact Our Leak Detection Expert for All Emergencies