Home Water Filtration

Home Water Filtration

Water Problem? No Problem!! We Address All Types of Water Quality Issues

The Happy Plunger offers a full range of home water filtration and treatment solutions to take care of all your worries about the water you use at your home. We address odor, sediments, taste, contaminants, and chlorine problems.

We try to be your eco-friendly and economical alternative to your packaged drinking water.

Minerals, chemicals, and sediments can develop bad taste and odor in your drinking water. Many of the contaminants present in the water, such as lead, can impact your family’s health. You may not realize, but untreated water could be a significant reason for sudden illness. Calcium and magnesium can build up sediments in your water pipelines. Filtering water will reduce these contaminants by 90% and improve its quality and cost of maintenance.

A Full Range of Home Drinking Water Filtration Applications

We help you improve the quality of water throughout your house with our comprehensive filtration and treatment applications. They include:

  • Hard water, well water, and city water softeners
  • Under-sink and whole-house Reverse Osmosis systems
  • Water purification and disinfection
  • Water testing from certified labs
  • Drinking water faucets
  • Specialty systems, such as Homebrewing
  • Whole-house filters, such as chemical removals, pH neutralizers, sulfur and iron filters, etc.

Have a Cleaner and Sparkling Water

Our professionals have the required know-how and tools to understand your day-to-day water consumption habits. Our drinking water treatment and house water filtration services not only address the common problems but also ensure your water is 99% germ and pathogen-free. With our solutions, you can extend the life of your home appliances by 30%.

Sediments damage your pipelines, which can lead to early restoration of water systems. With whole house water softener and filtration products, you can significantly reduce your cost of water restoration and plumbing system maintenance by several years.

We have a Network of Installers and Technicians.

We have a trained network of water treatment system installers and technicians who offer solutions based on current water consumption and requirement. Your children are safe with us, so are you and your pets.

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