Copper Repiping Specialist

Replace your Old Plumbing System with 100% Guaranteed Copper Re-piping

Copper re-piping replaces rusted and depleted plumbing systems, including water, gas, and drainage, with durable and highest quality copper pipes. Copper re-piping is an advanced technology that can last for several decades if properly installed. Contact The Happy Plunger’s Copper Re-piping Specialists to restore water supply in your homes and businesses professionally.

Prevent leaky pipes, bad tasting water, rusts in water, low water pressure, and yellow water with Copper Pipes

Over a period of time, galvanized water lines corrode internally. When pipes draw water for use, zinc, iron, and other minerals also flow into your water. These contaminants corrode the pipes from the insides, blocking or reducing the water supply.

Common signs of rusting and corrosion include leaking pipes, reduced flow of water, rust particles when the water runs, water that looks yellowish or brownish, rust spots on washed clothes, metallic tasting or bad tasting water, and inconsistent water temperature in the shower.

With The Happy Plunger’s Copper Re-Piping, you will enjoy cleaner, safer, and fast-flowing water.

Do You Need Copper Re-Piping? Talk to Us to Find Out

If you live in an old house, chances are that the plumbing system is installed with galvanized pipes. Copper re-piping is not a temporary fixture. It is a permanent plumbing restoration that can last for 100 years. If you have plans to remodel your home or office, it is the best time to get copper re-piping done before erecting the walls.

For small leaks or isolated corrosion. we recommend copper pipe replacement, as the process typically involves removing old plumbing systems and installing the latest technology.

Avoid Costly Repairs with One-Time Investment

Copper is a widely recognized metal for the plumbing system. It is known to tolerate extreme weather and corrosion and is perfect for indoor and outdoor installation.

The Happy Plunger is acknowledged for using the USA’s highest quality copper (Type L hard copper) and stainless steel lines. We will send our copper pipe specialist to assist you. The process usually takes one to three days to finish.

Avoid serious damage with the right plumbing solution.

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