Clear Sewer Stoppages

We Address Emergency Sewer Stoppages Issues in Real-Time

Do not ignore the warning signs and seek our services immediately to clear sewer stoppages on your property. A mainline sewer stoppage is an emergency that can lead to bigger and more health-hazardous problems. You can trust your sewer pipe cleanout and replacement to Happy Plunger. We are a professional, licensed, and insured Plumbing Company fully equipped to provide 25 plumbing services in Los Angeles and around, including hydro-jetting and replacement. We cater our services to residents, corporates, industries, and commercial buildings.

If you even think that your sewer pipeline is clogged, it is important to stop using the drains until we have rectified the issue. Sewers can be blocked for different reasons, such as accumulated waste or natural calamities.

The Happy Plunger is recognized to detect and address all types of sewer blockages, including sagging pipe, broken connection, objects that accidentally got flushed out, like clothes, sink sludge and grease, tree roots infiltration, cast iron corrosion, or damages caused by road construction.

We use a highly accurate fiber-optic video camera to diagnose and pinpoint the exact location of the stoppage. This enables us to avoid unnecessary digging and drilling.

With the Hydro-jetting technique, we shoot highly pressurized water to the pipeline to flush out grease, roots, gunk, and other objects. We replace pipes only if it’s necessary, for instance, in case of recurring stoppages.

How to Self-Identify a Sewer Stoppage?

Rest assured, we provide same-day assistance so that you can quickly return to using your plumbing system.

Every drain in your property, such as the kitchen sink, washing machine outlet, toilets, and shower drains, is connected to the main sewer line. If your main sewer line is clogged, the wastewater will come up through your drains, finding nowhere to escape.

Some of the telltale signs of sewer stoppage include:-

  • Putrid smell of sewer gas near the drains
  • Water draining slowly while taking a shower or washing dishes
  • Toilets and tubs filling up
  • Foul-smelling water coming out from other drains when you flush toilets

We also provide tunnel repair and pipe replacement services in cases of extreme and recurring stoppages.

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